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An image is showing one half of a woman's face with the eye the most prominent feature. There're transparent molecules superimposed over her face and to the left of the image health measure surveys with the Synergy BioNaturals logo.

An Interview with CEO Dr. Jonathan Spero M.D.

At Synergy BioNaturals, we're committed to collecting clinical data on our products through patient-reported outcomes and through actual clinical trials in physician's offices. By doing so, we can prove that our products are effective and safe to take. Also, there's a whole opportunity for CBD to work synergistically with other molecules and plant-based herbs. That was the genesis of our company- not only to study and provide CBD products that are effective but also use combinations of CBD with other plant-based herbs and amino acids to boost the effects of the therapy.


Why is data important to Synergy BioNaturals?

Dr. Jonathan Spero M.D: When treating specific medical conditions or symptoms, you need to be able to prove that a particular therapy is effective and safe to take. Anecdotal information may satisfy the general public, but health care providers need something more like clinical data before prescribing something new to their patients. The standard is to collect data through clinical trials and patient-reported outcomes and then analyze that data to see if there is a positive effect of that therapy and that it's safe.

Have you tested your products?

Dr. Jonathan Spero M.D: Yes. I own and operate an employee healthcare company, InHouse Physicians, and we work with Fortune 500 companies like Motorola, and Intel providing high-quality medical care for attendees with acute healthcare needs at corporate meetings and events. We've tested our CBD Formulas in this employer space, and the physicians we work with are now using our products in place of prescription medications. We are currently working with integrative physicians who are excited to be a part of testing our CBD formulations by administering health measure surveys developed by the national institute of health (NIH).

What can a self-administered survey tell us about your CBD formulations?

Dr. Jonathan Spero M.D: As we know, CBD has gotten a little ahead of the science. For science to catch up, the CBD industry needs to start collecting clinical data on their products. Collecting validated Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO's) is Synergy BioNaurals' primary strategy to measure the benefits of our products for specific medical conditions. Each PRO survey was developed and administered in clinical settings by the National Institute of Health. The results are compared to a large reference population using T scores.

In one sentence, what is the advantage of PRO's? 

Dr. Jonathan Spero M.D: They act as a compass allowing consumers to understand which CBD products are most effective for which conditions.